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Sunflower Photo Sessions

Sunflower Photo Sessions can be a lot of fun. Sunflower fields have always been admired, but since 2018, they have become increasingly popular for amateur photographers and selfie seekers. Many Sunflower Farmers have created trails through their fields and invite people to visit them. One such farmer is Laura’s Farm Stand, just north of Cookstown, Ontario. Laura has created a photography paradise with her Sunflower Trail, Wildflower patch and interesting photo props throughout the property. She also holds Market Days, events and sells produce from July to October.

Families have enjoyed the Sunflower trails all over Ontario with their cell phones, but have they thought about bringing a professional photographer with them? Here’s five reasons why you should book a Sunflower Session (with me, preferably!).

5. You get to go shopping for new outfits!

Sunflower Photo SessionsI’m having some new headshots done this weekend, and I had a great time shopping for a new outfit to represent myself. There’s something to be said for retail therapy, and when you buy something you can wear again and again that is “instagram worthy”, that’s a win all around.

When you book me for your Sunflower session (or any type of session), I will send you clothing recommendations and invite you to text me your outfit choices. I love making sure my clients look and feel their best for their portraits.

4. Make an evening of it.

A portrait session is a wonderful opportunity to treat your partner or family to a night out. After our session is done, head out to your favourite restaurant for a delicious meal (but bring a change of clothes for the kids), or perhaps head out for a movie.

3. Pamper yourself!

Getting ready for your photo session typically includes hair and makeup. Why not hire a professional makeup artist or have your hair done by your hairstylist. When you arrive at the sunflower field looking glam, people are going to notice, and you’re going to feel great.

2. It will be fun!

I promise that photo sessions with me will always be fun. Let the kids play, be silly, make funny faces, or run around to burn off some energy. If it’s just you and your partner, melt into their arms like it’s your first or second date. We’ll enjoy the sunset behind the flowers together and create beautiful images.

1. You will be in the photos.

This is the most important reason. Way too often, a parent is the “designated picture taker” when the family is together, and they are never in the photo. Hiring a professional photographer will change that. I will document that you exist, and you will have images to show your family as they grow, reminding everyone of that one point in time when the kids were little or when baby was still in the womb.

Sunflower Photo Sessions

Summer and Fall are great times to book a portrait session, but there’s something magical about Sunflower Photo Sessions. To me, the flowers have personality, and each one is unique. Walking through the Sunflower trail as well as the wildflowers creates beautiful photo opportunities for all ages.

I am currently booking sessions for August, and you can find out more information by completing my contact form.

Sunflower Photo Sessions