Five Tips for a great Halloween Photo

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Halloween Day is almost upon us, and it’s the perfect time to photograph your child in their costume! Here are Five Tips for a great Halloween Photo! 

Halloween Photo Girl Tottenham Ontario

1.    Let your child know ahead of time that you would like to take a picture.

Asking for consent is important. Additionally, it will avoid a meltdown at the time of the photo because it gives your child a bit of time to prepare. Not all children enjoy being photographed, and it’s important to respect their feelings.

2.    Use great light!

Check to see what time the sun is setting where you live. You can Google “sunset *location* *date*”. For where I live, the sun will set at 6:11 PM, therefore, I would aim to take pictures around 5:30 PM.

3.    Take the photos outside!

This goes hand in hand with using great light. Because of the time of day, the sun will be low in the sky thus creating beautiful light. Indoor lighting is horrendous if you do not have proper lighting. Find a shady spot and make sure your child’s face is nicely lit. You may need to turn them a bit but make sure the sun is not shining in their eyes.

4.    Strike a pose!

Here’s their big moment! Have them do a pose that maybe relates to their costume. Have them get into their character and let them be a little bit silly; candid images make for great photographs!

5.    Reward/Praise them!

Let them know they did a great job and you’re happy with the photo. This could help them be more accepting of the idea of being photographed in the future if they know that their parent enjoyed the experience also!

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Halloween, and I hope that these Tips for a great Halloween Photo have helped you out. Feel free to join my Facebook Group, Moms of South Simcoe, and share your favourite image on our Photo Friday post!

Halloween Photo Zombie Tottenham Ontario