Tips for a great First Day of School Photo!

For most of us living in Ontario, the first day of school is coming up very quickly.  It’s the day the kids (and parents) have been waiting for all summer!  I’m sure your children are excited to see their teachers and friends again, and you’re anxious to get back into the school time routine.

The first day of school may be quite the milestone in your home.  Whether it’s your child’s first day of preschool, kindergarten, high school or college/university, it will be an emotional day for all involved!

Being that it is such an important day, make sure you document the memory with photographs! Here are some great ideas for poses:

  • Child ready for school with backpack on.
  • Waiting for the bus.
  • Walking to the school.
  • Meeting friends at the school yard.
  • You with your child, giving them a hug before they go in.

Whether or not they realize it now, your child will love you for it later in life (especially at their wedding or other life event!).  It’s a special memory that should be should never be forgotten.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you get ready:

  • Are your batteries charged/fresh (if not rechargeable), or is your phone fully charged?
  • Is your lens clean?
  • Is your camera/phone working properly?
  • Do you have space on your memory card or phone?
  • Do you have tissues in your pocket, just in case you get a bit weepy?

Once you’ve tackled that list, here are some tips for a great picture:

  • Find good and even light.  Avoid direct sunlight because it makes people squint. Utilize the shade under a tree if possible.
  • Make funny faces or noises to get them to smile naturally.
  • Try to take a picture when they’re not looking and seem to be pensive.  Those are great images showing your child’s inner personality.
  • Even if they start crying, take a picture anyway.  It’s still a memory that can be beautifully remembered for years to come.

Finally, make sure you save that picture somewhere safe because you’ll be taking a Last Day of School picture in June too!  It’s great to see how much the kids will have changed over the school year! The example below is what I consider to be the penultimate First Day/Last Day photo of my daughter, now heading off to university!

I invite you to join my Facebook group – Moms of South Simcoe and post your first day of school photo! We will have a contest to see which one gets the most likes. The winner will receive a $25 coffee gift card for Starbucks, Second Cup or Tim Horton’s.

I wish all the best to a great start of the school year!

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