After our amazing session together, we will have an image reveal and ordering meeting. You will be in awe of the stunning photographs, and together, we will select your favourites and pick a Collection.

Collections include a selection of digital images as well as Wall Art. A retainer of $200 + HST is due at the time of booking and will be applied towards your chosen collection.

Beginning at $850

Collections & Heirloom Products

Your portrait session is more than "just a few pics". It takes careful planning of the date, location and clothing. We will ensure all the details are discussed.

Once booked, you will receive information about what to wear, and we will have a consultation telephone call to pick the time and location.


The decision to hire a photographer is an act of love. You are choosing to document the essence of your family and the relationship that you share with one another.

Let me lead take the lead for a fun-filled portrait session. We'll let the kids play, make funny faces, be silly and give their parents the best hugs! We will spend as much time as needed to make everything right.


Portrait Sessions are